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Chapter 1 - Overview
1.1 Accredited Veterinarian's Mandate

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This module describes the authority for activities and duties performed by accredited veterinarians.


1. An accredited veterinarian is a veterinarian who is authorized under the Health of Animals Act to perform certain duties and functions in support of the National Animal Health Program.

2. Canada's earliest accredited veterinarians date to December 18, 1896, when the Minister of Agriculture for Canada and the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) agreed that the services of veterinarians in private practice could be used in the examination, testing, and certification of livestock being exported to either country.

3. The duties and functions of an accredited veterinarian, as well as the terms and conditions of accreditation, are described in the Accredited Veterinarian Agreement (CFIA/ACIA 1625). The Accredited Veterinarian's Manual provides instructions and specifications for the conduct of those duties and functions. Knowledge of and adherence to the agreement and the instructions in this manual will permit the delivery of the National Accredited Veterinarian Program in a consistent and uniform manner that addresses the combined needs and expectations of the Canadian livestock industry, the public, and Canada's international trading partners.

4. The Embryo Export Program is a specific process that lies outside the Accredited Veterinarian Agreement and the scope of this manual.


Health of Animals Act and Regulations

5. Accredited veterinarians perform their functions under the authority of the Health of Animals Act, which provides the enabling legislation for the Health of Animals Regulations.

6. The purposes of the Health of Animals Act and Regulations are to prevent the introduction of animal diseases into Canada; to control and eliminate diseases in animals that either affect human health or could significantly affect the Canadian economy; and, to provide for the humane treatment of animals during transport.

7. The sections of the Act and Regulations which provide the authority for accredited veterinarians are:

8. Irrespective of provisions of the agreement, any veterinary practitioner has a legal obligation under the following:

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