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National Biosecurity Standard for Livestock, Poultry and Deadstock Transportation
Annex 2b: Trip information sheet example

Annex 2b: Trip information sheet example. Description follows.
Description of image – Annex 2b: Trip information sheet example

The Trip information sheet example shows the completed sheet as follows:

  • Power unit identification #: 702
  • Wash instructions, with the following boxes checked:
    • Clean
    • Disinfect
    • Inspect
    • Dry
    • Bake
  • Move #: 789456
  • Trailer identification #: P0120
  • Downtime: 12 hours
  • Segment#: blank
  • Trailer 2 identification #: Not applicable
  • Order#: 5425858
  • Driver: Joe Driver
  • Order Ref.#: blank
  • Trip information:
    • Species: Lacombe
    • Origin (premises ID #): Johnny's Piggy Farm Inc.
    • Destination (premises ID #): Bobby's Farm
  • Biosecurity protocols: Rope gate across driveway. Disinfectant at driveway for tires and back end of trailer. No ground contact with street shoes. Please read additional notes under directions.
  • Remarks: Write the load number on the bill of lading. Please stop in front of the office for truck/trailer inspection
  • Event: Clean and disinfect
  • Arrival date: 23/07/2016
  • Stops: Livestock Trailer Wash Station Inc.
  • Count: blank
  • Description (species or animal type): blank
  • Weight: blank
  • Miles: blank
  • Directions: Third party inspection by Inspector Tom following cleaning step.
  • Event: Loading
  • Arrival date: 23/07/2016 7:00 AM
  • Stops: Johnny's Piggy Farm Inc.
  • Count: 600 weaned piglets
  • Description (species): Lacombe
  • Weight: blank
  • Miles: 160kms
  • Directions: Drivers must wear plastic boots when getting out of the truck cab and stepping onto the ground. Farm managers will inspect all transport trucks prior to loading. Managers will mark an area within the farm where the transport truck must stop for inspection and obtain approval prior to backing up to the chute. Managers will inspect the trailer and driver's pig handling equipment.

    At loading site, stay 1' away from the loading chute and wait for farm staff to spray disinfectant on the back of the trailer prior to backing up to the chute.

  • Event: Unloading
  • Arrival date: 6:00PM
  • Stops: Bobby's Farm
  • Count: 600 weaned piglets
  • Description (species): Lacombe
  • Weight: blank
  • Miles: 400kms
  • Scrape-out pile is on the west hand side of the yard. Scrape-out must be kept off the gravel. Contact 222-333-4444 if you have questions.
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