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National Biosecurity Standard for Livestock, Poultry and Deadstock Transportation
Annex 11: Acknowledgements

List of the members of Livestock, Poultry and Deadstock Transport Biosecurity Advisory Committee who contributed in development of the standard
Representative Organization/Affiliation
Dr. Cornelius Kiley
CFIA Co-Chair
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Mark Beaven
Industry Co-Chair
Canadian Animal Health Coalition
Dr. Lucie Verdon Council of Chief Veterinary Officers designate (Québec)
Dr. Jagdish Patel Council of Chief Veterinary Officers designate (Alberta)
Erica Charlton Canadian Hatchery Federation
Canadian Poultry and Egg Processors Council
Stephane Beaudoin Canadian Livestock Transportation Certification Program
Jorge Correa Canadian Meat Council
Dr. Graham Clarke Canadian Renderers Association
Haidee Landry Equestrian Canada (Equine Canada)
Martin Pelletier Équipe québécoise de contrôle des maladies avicoles
Équipe québécoise de santé porcine
Susan Fitzgerald Ontario Livestock and Poultry Council
Poultry Service Association
Dr. Doug MacDougald South West Vets
Rick Peters Steve's Livestock Transport Ltd
Dr. Kuldeep Chattha Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Other contributors from the CFIA include Josée Laframboise, Dr. Patricia Pentney, Dr. Lorne Jordan, Dr. Daniel Schwartz, Olivier Fortin, Sandra Bowler and other administrative staff.

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