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National Farm-Level Biosecurity Planning Guide Proactive Management of Animal Resources
E) Definitions

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an area or room that immediately precedes the restricted access zone (RAZ) and provides a transition from the controlled access zone (CAZ).
said of a herd or flock for which there is no purchase of replacement animals of any age – all replacement animals have been bred and raised on-farm. (If animals have been taken to a show and returned, the herd or flock can no longer be considered closed.)
Controlled access point:
visually defined entry point(s) through which traffic (such as workers, equipment and feed trucks) enters the CAZ and/or the RAZ.
Controlled access zone (CAZ):
the area of land and buildings constituting the production area of the property that is accessible through a securable controlled access point.
Controlled entry point:
visually defined entry point through which all traffic (such as workers, visitors, equipment and vehicles) enters the CAZ and/or RAZ.
a tract of land held for the purposes of cultivating or raising certain animals (for food, fibre, or recreation). This may also be referred to as the "property" or "premises." It includes land, buildings, zones, and allocated or designated areas.
said of animals that are physically separated such that new and returning animals or clinically sick animals, as well as their excretions and secretions, cannot contact resident animals.
Livestock (animal):
any animal (including birds, insects, and fish) intentionally reared in an agricultural setting for the purposes of profit or subsistence, whether for food, fur, fibre, dairy, draft, breeding, sport, or hobby purposes, or other product or labour.
one who owns or rents land or rears certain animals.
Production area:
includes buildings, range areas, areas used for feed storage and handling, pickup areas, and the area immediately surrounding buildings.
Restricted access zone (RAZ):
an area inside the CAZ that is used, or intended to be used, to house animals, including for semi-confinement and range production, and where personnel and equipment access is more restricted than it is for the CAZ. The RAZ, an inner biosecurity zone, is sometimes referred to as the production area or restricted area (RA).
Transition area:
a designated location for the application of biosecurity procedures to people and equipment before entering a biosecurity zone (CAZ and/or RAZ). The transition area may be a controlled access point, a controlled entry point or an anteroom.
include salesmen, delivery people, veterinarians, livestock haulers, livestock-owning neighbours, livestock specialist, family members, international visitors, utility personnel, contractors, disease surveillance technicians, artificial insemination or embryo technicians, feed industry personnel, supply sales representatives, equipment repair individuals, and anyone who has had contact with animals.
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