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National Farm-Level Biosecurity Planning Guide Proactive Management of Animal Resources
D) Conceptual Farm Layout Incorporating Biosecurity Zones

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Figure 1 - Conceptual Farm Layout Incorporating Biosecurity Zones. Description follows.

Description for Figure 1.

Figure 1 - Conceptual Farm Layout Incorporating Biosecurity Zones The image shows one possible farm layout incorporating biosecurity zones. The smaller biosecurity zone, the restricted access zone (RAZ), contains the barn where the production animals are housed, with a transitional area or ante room at the front, and a controlled access point (CAP) at the doorway. The larger biosecurity zone, the controlled access zone (CAZ), encompasses the RAZ along with feed and equipment storage; the CAZ has its own CAP (likely a gate) where the driveway meets the RAZ. The house and the parking area are located outside the CAZ. A neighbour is indicated to the south.

Figure 1:
Houses (residence) and parking areas are located outside the first biosecurity zone called the controlled access zone (CAZ). The CAZ contains operational facilities indirectly involved in animal production (e.g. feed storage) and the restricted access zone (RAZ). The RAZ houses, contains, or confines production animals. Both the CAZ and the RAZ are accessed through a controlled access point (CAP).
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