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National Farm-Level Biosecurity Planning Guide Proactive Management of Animal Resources
B) A Generic Guide

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The purpose of this guide is to identify key elements, considerations, and critical points of biosecurity intervention that are applicable to various animal species at the farm level. It is designed to assist government, national associations, and producers in developing and implementing biosecurity programs. These preventive guidelines are not all-inclusive, but are generally accepted as beneficial management practices for most sector animal species. Adopting these practices does not guarantee protection from all potential diseases, but an effective plan will greatly help in protecting your investment in your animal operation.

This guide is intended to encourage producers to implement the use of sound disease prevention and to control practices industry-wide. There are different types of production operations, with different goals. Sector needs vary geographically, and biosecurity considerations may be regulated federally, provincially, and regionally or municipally. One biosecurity plan will not fit the needs of every farm operation. Biosecurity plans should be developed to meet the specific needs of each operation, with each operation implementing these practices into daily routines that are appropriate for specific diseases or risks. Producers should review their production practices in relation to disease prevention on a frequent basis and ensure that their strategies are carried out. An effective biosecurity plan should be flexible and open to new knowledge and technology as these become available.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has developed a similar approach to protecting Canada's plant resource base. The plant guide has been designed in parallel with the animal resource guide, with a focus on biosecurity measures for crops. The National Farm-Level Biosecurity Planning Guide – Proactive Management of Plant Resources can be accessed from the CFIA website.

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