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Biosecurity for Canadian Cervid Farms Producer Planning Guide
Appendix 12: Animal movement log (Sample)

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Movement record for animals moved, purchased, sold/shipped

Year: space

Premises Identification (PID) Number: space

This sample movement log does not replace the need for official federal cervid movement permits or movement reporting as specified by CFIA.

Animal Movement log

Animal movement log (Sample). Description follows.
Description of form - Animal movement log (Sample)

The heading row contains text for the following columns:

  • Date
  • Animal ID
  • Reason for animal movement (moved, purchased, sold/shipped)
  • CWD VHCP level
  • Moved from (location or address)
  • Moved to (location or address)
  • CWD VHCP level
  • Drug withdrawal (if required)
  • Comments

There are blank rows for recording information.

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