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The National Sheep Producer Biosecurity Planning Guide
5 Acknowledgements

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Sheep Biosecurity Advisory Committee (SBAC)

The National Sheep Producer Biosecurity Planning Guide is a collaborative effort between the CFIA's Office of Animal Biosecurity (OAB) and the Canadian Sheep Federation (CSF), together with an Advisory Committee comprised of industry leaders, government representatives, sheep veterinary practitioners, and academics who were selected specifically for this assignment. Funding for the project was provided by Agriculture Agri-Food Canada through the Growing Forward framework.

Members Affiliation

Colleen Acres

Purebred sheep producer
Canadian Sheep Breeders' Association

Stuart Greaves

Manitoba sheep producer

John Hemsted

Ontario sheep producer
Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency (OSMA)

Norine Moore

Alberta sheep producer
Alberta Lamb Producers (ALP)

Jennifer MacTavish

Canadian Sheep Federation

Gaston Rioux

Centre d'expertise en production ovine du Québec

Jocelyn Jansen

Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

Chris Clark

University of Saskatchewan

Paula Menzies

University of Guelph

Annie Daigneault

Quebec veterinary practitioner

Virginie Rochet

Agriculture and Agri-food Canada

Katie Clow

Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Lorne Jordan

Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Manon Racicot

Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Archie Stewart

Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Bob Burden

Serecon Consulting Inc.

Ian Richardson

eBiz Professionals Inc.

The Canadian Sheep Federation and Government of Canada thank eBiz Professionals Inc. and Serecon for leading the development of the National Sheep On-Farm Biosecurity Standard and the National Sheep Producer Biosecurity Planning Guide.

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