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National Farm-Level Biosecurity Standard for the Goat Industry
Appendix A: Target audiences for the Standard

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Table 1 below identifies stakeholders and potential applications of the National Standard. Although the primary audience is producers, many other stakeholders in the goat industry will benefit from the information provided in the document. Each stakeholder is listed as a potential target audience, with an accompanying description, outlining how they may use the National Standard.
Target Audience Intended Use
Producers Information for the preparation of a biosecurity plan for each farm
Producer associations-national, provincial, and sectoral Planning and design of implementation programs and ongoing monitoring
Governments and funding agencies-national and provincial Support for export development; Program support, and funding decisions
Veterinarians Framework for support of producers
Processors, retailers, consumers, and the general public Reference to practices that promote reliability and food safety
Trading partners (Export) Assurance of scope and purpose of the biosecurity program
Farm service providers and visitors Understanding the direction and priorities of the industry; coordination of programs, especially farm service suppliers
Academics/researchers Reference for required areas of research in biosecurity for the industry
Veterinary and Food Science students Reference and source material for study
Insurance companies Planning and costing of insurance programs
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