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General Producer Guide - National Avian On-Farm Biosecurity Standard
Annex B - Sample Standard Operating Procedures - Procedures for Barn Entry and Exit

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The following is an example of a set of procedures for minimizing disease carriage while moving personnel in and out of a barn. The process may vary among producers.

Irrespective of the method used, the goal is to create a separation between the internal environment (flock housing area) and the external environment (non-flock housing area).

Procedures for barn entry using an anteroom

Note: Cleaning and disinfecting barn-designated boots prior to entering the bird housing area will provide an added layer of security, removing any contaminants that may have been carried into the anteroom.

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Description of Concept 4. Description follows.

Description for - Concept 4

An anteroom (yellow) with areas designated for outside clothing and footwear (to the left), a bench (centre), and areas designated for inside clothing and footwear (to the right), protects the flock housing area (red).

Procedures for barn exit using an anteroom

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