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Bumblebee Sector Guide To The National Bee Farm-level Biosecurity Standard
Appendix E: Bumblebee Biosecurity Checklist

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Bumblebee Biosecurity Checklist

Section 1: Bee Health Management

1.1 Bumblebee Sources

1.2 Prevention: Minimizing Susceptibility to Pests

1.3 Prevention: Minimizing Exposure

Recommended practices outside of Bombus impatiens native range include:

1.4 Diagnosis and Monitoring

1.5 Standard Response Plan

1.6 Elevated Response Plan

Section 2: Operations Management

2.1 Obtaining Production Inputs

2.2 Handling and Disposal of Production Inputs (suppliers)

2.3 Obtaining Bee Equipment (suppliers)

2.4 Handling and Disposal of Bee Equipment (suppliers/growers)

2.5 Personal Sanitation (suppliers)

2.6 Design of Facilities

2.7 Maintenance of Premises, Buildings, Vehicles and Other Equipment (suppliers)

2.8 Control of Weeds and Nuisance Pests (suppliers)

2.9 Training and Education

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