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Alfalfa Leaf Cutting Bee Producer Guide to the National Bee Farm-level Biosecurity Standard
Appendix C: Sampling Protocol

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Sampling intensity when sampling from storage containers (follow guidelines developed for the seed industry)
Number of bee cell containers Number of primary samples
1–4 3 per container
5–8 2 per container
9–15 1 per container
16–30 15 primary samples
31–59 20 primary samples
60 or more 30 primary samples
Sampling intensity when stream sampling (follow guidelines developed for the seed industry)
Lot size # of primary samples
< 500 kg At least 5
501–3000 kg 1 for each 600 kg
3001–20,000 1 for each 1000 kg
20,001–40,000 1 for each 1500 kg
40,001–60,000 1 for each 2000 kg
> 60,001 1 for each 2500 kg
Suggest minimum size of composite sample (follow guidelines developed for the seed industry)
Type of test Minimum Sample required for testing Minimum Composite Sample Drawn
CCTC x-ray tests 100 g 400 g

CCTC = Canadian Cocoon Testing Centre

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