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Alfalfa Leaf Cutting Bee Producer Guide to the National Bee Farm-level Biosecurity Standard
Appendix A: Additional Resources

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  1. Alfalfa Seed & Leafcutter Bee Production & Marketing Manual, Alberta.
  2. Alfalfa Leafcutting Bee Management and Alfalfa Seed Production Manual, Saskatchewan.
  3. Alfalfa Leafcutter Bee Management in Western Canada, Agriculture Canada, Publication 1495/E.
  4. The Saskatchewan Alfalfa Seed Producers Website, Alfalfa Leafcutter Bee Management Section:
    • Articles and research prepared by Wayne Goerzen, Research Scientist
    • Information on management practices, lists of suppliers, diagnostic labs, pests and pest management, facility design, and alfalfa leafcutting bee research.
  5. The Alfalfa Seed Commission (Alberta) Website
    • Information on diagnostic labs, and alfalfa leafcutting bee research
  6. Chalkbrood Management: More than just turning the pans on, by David Ostermann, Pollination Apiarist
  7. Federal Government

    For bee industry information:

    Health Canada, Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA)

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