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A Guide to Visiting Farms and Plant Nurseries

Visitors to farms and plant nurseries have an important role to play in reducing the risk of introducing and spreading diseases and pests to those places.

Animal diseases and plant pests can have a significant and widespread negative impact. They are a threat to the agricultural industry and they can affect the economy, the environment and wildlife. They can even affect people's health.

Infectious diseases and pests spread in many ways, including

When visiting a farm or plant nursery, you can help keep yourself and Canada's animals and plants healthy.

If you have recently travelled to a country where foot-and-mouth disease or other serious diseases exist, avoid contact with animals for at least 14 days after returning to Canada. This includes contact with wildlife, farm animals and zoo animals. As well as, when on a farm, let the staff know where you have been.

Before visiting a farm or plant nursery, ask yourself:

When you are on-site:

Biosecurity is very important to the success of the farm or plant nursery you are visiting. Keeping farms and plant nurseries safe and free of disease is a best practice that is also good common sense.

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