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RG-1 Regulatory Guidance:
Chapter 5 - Research with Livestock Feeds

Section 6: Checklist

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Submission Checklist for research with livestock feeds

Below is a checklist, pertaining to research with livestock feeds, which detail the information required for the submission of an application for feed exemption or authorization intended for research.

Note: A completed checklist must be submitted to the Animal Feed Division (AFD) with each application for research feed exemption or authorization.

Please indicate the submission page number corresponding to each item in the checklist.

Submissions received without the completed checklists will be returned.

Additional guidance

With your submission package, you must include one cover letter with the following information (mandatory):

You must complete one Application for Feed Registration and Renewal Form per product:

Total application fees (cheque, money order, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express payable in Canadian Funds):

Research Applications:

For all research feeds, you must include: Characterization of the research feed
Page number or N/A
name of the research feed (product name, brand name, purpose, target species, etc.)
description of the research feed, including details related to form of packaging (i.e., bulk, bag, etc.)
complete list of ingredients and the product formulation
detailed description of the manufacturing process
For all research feeds, you must include: Location of, and information about, the research facility
Page number or N/A
name and address of the location where the research will take place
name of the person or body responsible for the research
name and contact information (address, phone number, e-mail address and mailing address) of the person supervising the research
description of the animal housing facilities and the access restrictions
For all research feeds, you must include: Feed manufacturer
Page number or N/A
name and address of the feed manufacturing facility that may be manufacturing the ingredient, or incorporating the ingredient into a mixed feed
validated flushing and cleanout procedures, if the research feed contains unapproved ingredients
For all research feeds, you must include: A detailed research protocol
Page number or N/A
objective of the research trial
start date, end date, and duration of the research
target species
experimental design and the methods of statistical analysis
treatments, replicates, number of animals per treatment, allocation of animals, etc.
list of the variables to be measured, to include methods and frequency of measurements
proposed (calculated) composition of the diet
For research protocols with a safe disposal option, you must include
Page number or N/A
description of the method(s) to be used for the safe disposal of the livestock fed the Research Feed, and all animal products and by-products produced from the trial
description of the method(s) to be used for the safe disposal of the leftover Research Feed once the study has been completed, with confirmation that the disposal facility is approved by animal or plant health conditions, where necessary
address and contact information of the disposal facility
description of the measures taken to prevent the release of the Research Feed in the processing facility and during transport, if the Research Feed will be processed in a location separate from the research facility
description of the contingency plan to be followed to minimize any adverse effects of an accidental release of the Research Feed or the livestock fed the feed and animal products/by-products thereof, if applicable
Safety data requirements
Page number or N/A
Provide information and data demonstrating the safety of the Research Feed to livestock, humans, and the environment in sufficient details to assess the safety of the Research Feed (Feeds and Novel Feeds) for the purpose of the proposed research.
If the safety data is not required, clearly explain why.
If the Research Feed is to be imported into Canada, you must include
Page number or N/A
total quantity of product to be imported, as determined by calculations reflective of the amount of feed required for the complete research trial
means by which the product will enter the country (e.g., courier, train, plane, etc.)
approximate date of entry
point of entry
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