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RG-1 Regulatory Guidance:
Chapter 5 - Research with Livestock Feeds

Section 4: Novel feeds – authorization of a novel feed for research purposes

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Facilities conducting research with a novel feed either imported or manufactured in Canada must apply for an Authorization of a Novel Feed for Research Purposes prior to the initiation of the research trial at a facility.

A safety assessment is conducted for all novel feeds used in research. The extent of the assessment is dependent on the degree of the containment or confinement of the research materials (all livestock, animal products and by-products, and/or remaining feed) that could enter the food or feed chain or the environment. If the research is conducted in a contained facility, as defined below, and not imported, minimal requirements may apply. However, an application is still required.

Contained: the use and handling of the novel feed or ingredient is managed in a manner that prevents its release, and includes any feed, remaining feed, and animal products and by-products, including excreta from the livestock consuming the feed.

Notice of decision

Upon completion of the application, a letter will be provided to the Canadian applicant which:

If the Novel Feed is imported and the application is approved, the Canadian applicant will receive a second letter allowing the importation of the Novel Feed. This letter must accompany the shipment into Canada.

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