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RG-1 Regulatory Guidance:
Chapter 4 – Labelling and guarantees

4.2 Liquid feed standards

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Liquid feeds require additional labelling statements, compared to dry feeds. The additional information required on labels for liquid feeds is as follows:

  1. The label for a liquid feed shall contain a weight per unit volume statement. The reference point temperature for the volumetric measurement is 20°C (i.e., "Density at 20°C = space kg/L").
  2. Liquid feeds containing ingredients which do not stay in suspension for up to 60 days shall have on their labels the following statement: "This product must be agitated while being dispensed or fed."
  3. The label of a liquid feed must bear the statement: "The viscosity of this product will vary inversely with temperature."
  4. Considering the narrow therapeutic index of selenium, feeds for administration through drinking water cannot contain supplemental selenium
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