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RG-1 Regulatory Guidance:
Chapter 4 – Labelling and guarantees

4.1 Labelling of livestock feed

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According to Section 26 of the Feeds Regulations all livestock feed (bagged or bulk) manufactured, sold or imported must be properly labelled. In the case of bulk feed it should be emphasized that a label must accompany the shipment.

The CFIA has exempted most categories of livestock feed from presale evaluation and registration. As a result of this, the responsibility for labelling of livestock feeds rests with the feed manufacturer.

CFIA inspectors routinely visit feed mills and verify labels for compliance with feed labelling standards. In this regard, particular attention is paid to the labelling of medicated feeds. Mislabelled medicated feed can adversely affect livestock health and livestock production, and lead to drug residues. Label violations for medicated products are considered serious and unacceptable.

This section provides a regulatory overview of the labelling of feed, set up as a series of commonly encountered labels. It should be emphasized that this is just an overview; to ensure compliance with prescribed labelling standards, you must obtain a copy of the Feeds Act, the Feeds Regulations, and the "Compendium of Medicating Ingredient Brochures", 8th Edition. These documents are available on the main Livestock Feeds web page.

Sample labels for common mixed feeds:

Medicated feed

Medicated feed customer formula

Medicated feed veterinary prescription

Medicated feed consultant formula

Non-medicated feed customer formula

Non-medicated feed

Non-medicated feed consultant formula

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