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RG-1 Regulatory Guidance:
Chapter 3 – Guidance on data requirements for feed approval and registration

3.7 Fox feeds

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Registration of Complete Dry Fox Feeds

All fox feeds require registration prior to marketing in Canada.

Complete dry fox feeds conforming to the evaluation standards set out below will be accepted for registration without the necessity to submit evidence of animal trials.

Nutrient Minimum Maximum
Calcium, % 0.5 1.75
Phosphorus, % 0.5 1.75
Sodium, % 0.1 0.4
Vitamin A, IU/kg 3,500 35,000
Vitamin D, IU/kg 400 4,000
Vitamin E, IU/kg 20 NRS*

*NRS = No Requirement Specified

A statement of the typical percentage of animal protein-bearing ingredients is required to be shown on the label.

In order to help companies wishing to register feeds designed for foxes, the following table containing adequate nutrient contents of complete feeds is presented. It should be noted that this table has been extrapolated from the limited information available and cannot be considered to represent the animal's minimum and maximum tolerances; it represents only levels that support animal performance. This table is presented for information purposes only.

Recommended Fox Nutrition Levels

Nutrient Minimum Maximum
Cobalt (mg/kg) 0.5 2.5
Copper (mg/kg) 5 100
Iodine (mg/kg) 0.2 10
Iron (mg/kg) 100 500
Manganese (mg/kg) 40 NRS*
Selenium (mg/kg) 0.1 0.3
Zinc (mg/kg) 50 500
Magnesium (%) 0.1 NRS*
Potassium (%) Grower-Breeder 0.3
Others 0.2
Sulphur (S) (%) NRS* NRS*

*NRS = No Requirement Specified

Please note that products meeting the above standards are not exempt from registration. Complete feeds that do not meet these standards may may also be registered, provided the acceptability of the feed for registration is demonstrated.

Registrants are reminded of the regulatory amendments to the Feeds Regulations, effective July 12, 2007, which require that dry fox feeds containing prohibited materials must carry the following warning statement: "Feeding this product to cattle, sheep, deer or other ruminants is illegal and is subject to fines or other punishment under the Health of Animals Act."

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