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RG-1 Regulatory Guidance:
Chapter 3 – Guidance on data requirements for feed approval and registration

3.11 Horse treats

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Registration Requirements for Horse Treats

Under the Feeds Act and Regulations, horses are considered a livestock species. As such, their feed is subject to the Act and Regulations.

Because horse treats are intended to be fed occasionally as a treat or reward, they are not considered part of the normal balanced diet, and are not intended to provide a significant source of nutrition (i.e., crude protein, fat, fibre, vitamins or minerals). Horse treats are therefore considered a speciality feed within Section 7 ("A mixed feed not otherwise provided for in this Table") of Table 3 in Schedule I of the Feeds Regulations, and require registration.

The following items are required when submitting an application for registration for a horse treat.

Administrative Requirements

1. The standard registration requirements include a cover letter, application form, five (5) copies of the proposed label, and the application fee (as a Category 2, New Feed, Code 3253). General administrative information regarding the application for feed registration procedures, and the table of fees, can be found in Chapter 1

It is important to note that each type, variety or flavour of horse treat is considered to be a different product, and therefore requires a separate registration. Multiple applications may be submitted in the same envelope, with the same cover letter. However, each product to be registered must have its own separate application form, copies of the proposed label, formulation (as described in 3. below), and fee (multiple fees may be combined and paid with one cheque or money order).


2. The proposed label must include:

Note: horse treat labels may not make any nutritional or health claims (e.g. through the brand name, directions for use, or symbols on the label).


3. The product formula is required, listing the amount of each ingredient by generic name as per Schedule IV or V of the Feeds Regulations, including registration numbers for Part II ingredients or mixed feeds (e.g. flavouring agents). Flavouring ingredient levels must not exceed maximums set out in Schedule V.


  • As horse treats are not intended to be a source of nutrition, they may not contain supplemental (added) vitamins or minerals.
  • All formulations are treated as confidential, and are protected as outlined under the Access to Information Act and Privacy Act.

Renewal and Amendment to Registered Horse Treats

As with all registered products, horse treats are registered for a 3 year period, renewable by March 31 of the third year after the registration date. All applications for renewal or amendment to a registered feed must be accompanied by an application form, appropriate fees, labels as per Chapter 1 and complete product formulation. Additional information may be requested if safety concerns emerge between the time of registration and renewal.

Changes made to the formulation of approved Horse Treats are considered new registrations and require the regular registration fee.

Note: Further information may be deemed necessary after the review of the preliminary submission by the Animal Feed Division.

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