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RG-1 Regulatory Guidance:
Chapter 1 – Administrative requirements for pre-market assessment and product registration of livestock feed

Appendix A: Checklist for renewals

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To ensure a complete renewal package, all of the applicable items below must be included.

Checklist for renewals
Items must be included Provided
  • Cover letter
(Note: State any changes in the cover letter, if applicable)
  • Email address of the authorized representative
  • 1 application form (CFIA/ACIA 0009) per product registration submitted for renewal
  • Original signature of authorized representative on each application form
(Note: If a new person is signing the form(s), proper signing authority documents must be enclosed)
  • Original signature of Resident Canadian Agent on each application form, if applicable
(Note: If the Resident Canadian Agent is new, a new Declaration of Resident Canadian Agent, Form II (CFIA/ACIA 1194) must be enclosed)
  • 3 copies of each label submitted for renewal
(Note: The label must be the current label as used in the marketplace, or a facsimile thereof, and not a previously stamped label copy)
  • Confidential formula, if the product is a Category 2 feed (that is the second digit of your registration number is "8" (flavouring agent, mold inhibitor, horse treat, enzyme supplement, odour control agent, forage additive, etc.))
(Note: It must be supplied on a separate sheet of paper, and this information should not be within the contents of your cover letter)
  • The complete list of ingredients for all imported mixed feeds
(Note: If they are not listed on the approved label, they must be supplied on a separate sheet and not within the contents of your cover letter)
  • Applicable fees/per registration renewal
  • If modifications are being made to the existing registrations, additional fees will apply (See section 1.5 for additional information)
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