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RG-1 Regulatory Guidance:
Chapter 1 – Administrative requirements for pre-market assessment and product registration of livestock feed

1.6 Renewing feed registrations

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Registrations are granted for a 3-year period. The expiry date for registrations is March 31, 3 years after the date of registration. For example, feeds that are registered in 2016 will have an expiry date of March 31, 2019. Please note that this expiry date is applicable to registered feeds and ingredients, and those products listed in Part II of Schedule IV of the Feeds Regulations. Failure to apply to renew the registration of a feed or ingredient will automatically result in the expiry of the registration. If your registration expires, you will need to submit an application for a new registration for your feed or ingredient.

If you have registrations that are due to expire the following March, you will receive a "registration summary" listing those registered products, as well as instructions for completing the applications for renewal. Additional information may be requested if safety and/or efficacy concerns emerge between the time of registration and the renewal due date. If there are specific requirements for the renewal of their registration, you will be advised what additional information will be required at the time of submission.

If your product/label has not changed since last approved, and a complete renewal application is posted (postmarked) before the March 31 deadline, you may continue to market your registered feed, unless you are advised otherwise.

To avoid having your registrations expire, a complete renewal package must be sent to the Pre-market Application Submissions Office (PASO) before March 31 of the year in which it expires. If your registration expires you may not import or sell your product until such time as it has been re-registered. Once re-registered, your product will be issued a new registration number.

Renewal packages posted after March 31 will be treated as new applications and will be subject to regular application fees. Applications for lapsed registrations will be placed in the existing submission queue for new submissions, where they will be reviewed on a first come, first served basis.

Due to the high volume of renewal applications that are received, acknowledgement of receipt will not be provided. If you wish to receive a record of delivery, it is suggested that you send your applications by courier or registered mail.

Any updates to your company's general information can be made directly on the "Company Information Sheet" included in your renewal package. To be accepted, the "Company Information Sheet" must contain either the corporate seal of the company, the seal of a notary public, or the original signature of someone currently listed as having signing authority.

If you wish to appoint a new Resident Canadian Agent, this individual must fill out, have notarized, and send a Declaration of Resident Canadian Agent, Form II (CFIA/ACIA 1194) to the AFP.

Incomplete renewal packages may be returned to the Registrant, without processing. This could result in the registration expiring. In order to assist you in preparing your renewal package, a checklist has been added as Appendix A at the end of this chapter.

Note: The renewal categorization and fee applies only in cases where no changes have been made to the product formula and label. Any amendment (significant or administrative) made to the registration, submitted at the time of renewal, should be stated in the cover letter, and you will need to include both the renewal fee and the applicable fee for the amendment.

The process for evaluating a renewal application is very similar to a new registration. The file is screened in, given a preliminary review, held pending receipt of additional information if requested by the evaluator, assessed, and then the notice of approval or rejection is sent to the registrant.

1.6.1 Renewal of registration for private label products

The following must be submitted with each application for registration renewal:

  • a copy of the product formulation (including registration numbers for Part II of Schedule IV of the Feeds Regulations, flavours, registered mixed feeds, etc.)
  • a letter from the company holding the registration of the parent product which allows the private label company to use the information on file for the renewal must be submitted with each application for registration renewal

Note: If a parent product is issued a temporary registration, the private label product will only be granted temporary registration status. The expiry date for the private label product will be the same as that for the parent product. The granting of permanent registration status to a private label product that was previously given a temporary registration is contingent upon the parent product receiving permanent registration status. If the application for permanent registration is submitted at the time of renewal, the registration fee will be in addition to the renewal fee. If the application is submitted prior to the expiration of the temporary registration, the registration fee is the same as that for the consideration of a new category 2 feed.

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