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RG-1 Regulatory Guidance:
Chapter 1 – Administrative requirements for pre-market assessment and product registration of livestock feed

1.3 The application package

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The regulatory (RG-1) guidance for feed registration procedures and labelling standards is divided into several chapters.

It is highly recommended that you refer to the guidance while you prepare your application. An organized, high quality submission greatly assists in timely evaluations of feeds, and reduces the potential for delays due to missing, incomplete or unclear information.

When your information is ready, you can submit a feed application via My CFIA based on the service request type as per the following steps below.

1.3.1 My CFIA online livestock feed applications

A service request must be submitted via My CFIA for each feed registration, feed ingredient approval, registration renewal, amendment to registration, research exemption or authorization, data review or request for an opinion for livestock feed.

Steps in the application process:

Step 1: Enroll as a user in My CFIA

If you are a first time My CFIA user, you will need to register and create a contact profile. You may then create a party profile with a business legal name which will be validated by the My CFIA Support Team.

To ensure a smooth transfer of your existing registrations into My CFIA, your legal business name and address must correspond to your existing company name and address established in your company file with the Animal Feed Program (AFP) and correspond to the legal business name and address submitted on the proof of business documents. The legal business name and address will appear on permissions as well as your approved documents such as labels.

When you enroll a party profile in My CFIA, the:

  • party profile name (company name) can be the same as the legal business name or a different name created by the person with the role of profile authority or profile manager
    • In situations where the company needs to send new service requests to the CFIA for different programs (for example, feed, food, fertilizer), the company may wish to create multiple party profiles with different profile names to separate service requests by program
    • The party profile name is a unique identifier created during enrolment
      • This name is not validated by the CFIA and is for your internal use only
  • legal business name must be the same as that established in your company file with the AFP and correspond to the legal name submitted on the proof of business document
    • The legal name will appear on permissions as well as your approved documents, such as labels
  • office address must be the same as that established in your company file with the AFP and correspond to the address submitted on the proof of business documents
    • As mentioned above, this address will appear on permissions as well as your approved documents, such as labels
  • your proof of business documentsFootnote 1 must correspond to the information above
    • If you decide to change your company structure and use a new legal name on your labels or to transfer your registrations to another company, the existing feed registrations require to be transferred to the new legal name and address
    • The following documents are required for this transfer:
      • a letter from the current registrant advising us that they are transferring the feed registration(s) and all data associated with it/them to the new legal name
        • the letter must be signed by an authorized representative currently on file with the CFIA, or the letter must bear the corporate seal of the (current) company
      • the new registrant, with a party profile validated in My CFIA, must include with each registration transfer, the transfer letter from the original registrant and a letter advising us that they are taking over the feed registration(s)
      • the new registrant must submit 1 service request per registration for an amendment to a registration
      • a draft label must be submitted with the new company name and address corresponding to the legal name and address in My CFIA
  • profile authority role should be assigned to an individual who is on the signing authority list of the AFP
  • profile manager role can be assigned to the same person with the profile authority role assigned above or another person who is on the signing authority list of the AFP
  • other party contacts can be invited by one of the 2 persons above to join the profile and send new service requests (feed applications) on behalf of the company

Service requests remain on hold until your party profile is validated. Once the CFIA validates the party profile, the profile authority can assign roles and authorities to individual contact profiles in My CFIA. The application evaluation process starts once your business profile is validated.

For more information about creating a My CFIA account, refer to Before you sign up for My CFIA.

Step 2: Submit an online application

To submit an online application:

Apply for feed approval or registration

  • Select in My CFIA: Registration or approval
  • Select the application type, either:
    • New
    • Amendment
    • Renewal
    • Renewal with changes
  • During the application process, you will be asked to identify the type of feed:
    • a single ingredient feed
    • a mixed feed; or
    • a novel feed from plant or animal sources with a novel trait

To ensure that you select the right type of feed refer to the terms that are defined and described in the pop up captions available in My CFIA.

If you apply to amend an existing registration and the second digit of the registration number is 9 (X9XXXX), the type of feed is a single ingredient feed, all other registrations are mixed feeds.

Additional informational is available in the Introduction – Regulation of livestock feed in Canada to help you determine the right type of feed.

Apply for a research exemption or authorization permission to conduct research with livestock feeds in Canada

Apply for a feed data review or opinion

  • Download and complete form CFIA/ACIA 5917 – Application for data review under the Feeds Act and Feeds Regulations
    • The information that you provide on the form will determine your permission type
  • Select in My CFIA the same permission type
    • Data review – Stack events
    • Data review – Novelty determination opinion
    • Data review – Pre-submission consultation
    • Data review – Request for product/label review (do not choose this option for an application for registration or approval)
    • Data review – Incidental feed additive (IFA)
    • Data review – Modification to incorporation by reference (IBR) document or regulatory guidance

Step 3: Upload supporting documents

For each application, data must be submitted with your application via My CFIA. Upload supporting documents in My CFIA at the appropriate section during the application process:

Approval or registrations

  • Follow the data requirements as outlined in Chapter 2 - Data requirements for single ingredient approval and feed registration and Chapter 3 – Guidance on data requirements for feed approval and registration of the RG-1 document
    • For an amendment or renewal of an existing registration:
    • For registration amendments, supporting documents must be submitted based on the type of changes made to the feed:
      • refer to the applicable data requirements for that type of feed and provide the necessary documents in support of the proposed change
      • if the amendment is sent close to the expiry date of your registration, you will have to select the application type renewal with changes
      • each change made to an existing registration must be detailed in the box Requested changes on the last application screen review and submit in My CFIA
    • You must submit your registration renewal application before the expiry date:
      • if your registration has specific requirements at renewal, the CFIA will let you know what information you'll need to submit at the time of renewal
      • if data is required at renewal, select the application type: renewal with changes
      • if no changes are made to the label, no additional fees apply
      • if your renewal can be streamlined, or a label is required, select the application type: renewal

Research feeds

Data review for incidental feed additives (IFAs)

1.3.2 Determining your submission type

The submission type and application fees are determined by the necessity to evaluate the safety and/or efficacy of the feed and if there is a new claim, logo or new guaranteed analysis that requires an evaluation by the CFIA.  The submission types are classified according to the category of feeds described below and will help you in determining the fees associated with your application, your submission type category (category 1, 2, or 3) and applicable fee amounts are determined according to the information provided in the My CFIA application.

Category 1: Feeds or ingredients requiring neither safety nor efficacy review

This type of submission involves an assessment of the feed's compliance with regulatory standards and labelling requirements as prescribed by the Feeds Regulations. This category includes mixed feeds with approved and/or registered ingredients as per Schedules IV and V as well as ingredients listed in Part 1 of Schedules IV and V of the Feeds Regulations.

Category 2: Feeds requiring safety or efficacy data review

This type of submission involves an assessment of safety (to livestock, workers, food and the environment) or efficacy of the feed. The assessment also verifies the feed's compliance with regulatory standards and labelling requirements as prescribed by the Feeds Regulations. This category applies to mixed feeds or ingredients requiring a safety or efficacy review. For mixed feeds that fall under this category, they must contain only approved or registered ingredients.

Category 3: Feeds or ingredients requiring safety and efficacy data review or the assessment of a claim

This type of submission involves an assessment of safety (to livestock, workers, food and the environment) and efficacy of a feed (for example, new purpose of the feed, a new claim, or new guaranteed analysis). The assessment also verifies the feed's compliance with regulatory standards and labelling requirements as prescribed by the Feeds Regulations.

1.3.3 Review your application and submit

During the application process in My CFIA, some information is provided and leads to the selection of a submission type which is identified on the final application screen "Review and submit". This is used to determine the applicable fees described under Part 4 of the CFIA Fees Notice for the consideration of an application for approval or registration and research applications. No applications fees are applied for data review applications.

Once your information is ready to be submitted, you can review your information on that screen and print the information for your records.

1.3.4 Preliminary screening

The preliminary screening is the first step of the application evaluation process. The purpose of this screening is to determine if your submission is complete and can be accepted for evaluation. The CFIA will notify you if your submission has been accepted for evaluation or rejected. It should be noted that acceptance of a submission is not a guarantee that the evaluation will result in the product being registered or approved.

For additional information on the overall evaluation process, refer to the appropriate link below:

1.3.5 Application fees

Application fees are determined, based on the service requested and the submission type:

  • Applications for approval or registration or research with feeds, the fees are determined based on your responses provided through the application process and charged according to Part 4 of the CFIA Fees Notice
  • For data review applications, no fees are applied

The CFIA fees are subject to an annual adjustment based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI). Please refer to CFIA's Fees Notice for updated fee amounts. Fees must be paid when the application and supporting documents are submitted and have been accepted to be logged in for evaluation.

CFIA will confirm the applicable fees and issue an invoice. To determine what method of payment is best for you, consult the guide How to complete a payment in My CFIA.

Fees are payable in Canadian Funds via My CFIA by Visa™, Mastercard™, American Express™ or by the on-account option.

If you do not have a valid CFIA account number and wish to apply for one, complete the form Application for Credit (CFIA/ACIA 0015) and email it to

Note that the fees are not refundable. The fees are for the consideration of your submission and not for the approval or registration of the feed.

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