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Notice to industry – Changes to Canada's import requirements for live Koi carp from the United States for aquarium and outdoor holding unit end uses

Starting April 15, 2019, all imports of live Koi carp (Cyprinus carpio koi) from the U.S. for aquarium and outdoor holding unit end uses will require:

Koi carp can no longer be included on the same import permit as other aquatic ornamental species and will require a separate permit. Imports of all other susceptible ornamental or aquarium species (Susceptible species of aquatic animals) will continue to require a separate import permit and an export certificate from the U.S. titled Aquatic Animal Health Export Certificate for the Export of Live Ornamental Aquatic Animals Intended for Aquarium Private, Aquarium Commercial, Outdoor Holding Unit Private, and/or Outdoor Holding Unit Commercial Use in Closed Premises in Canada – PDF (86 kb).

The CFIA will replace active import permits for (non-Koi) ornamental regulated fish with new permits. The replacement permit will maintain the same validity period as the original. In an effort to facilitate the transition, the CFIA will allow importers a one-week grace period. However, as of April 23, 2019, all previous permits for ornamental finfish will be cancelled and new permits will be required.

Those who continue to import live Koi carp for aquarium or outdoor holding unit end uses must apply for a separate permit. Live Koi carp importers will need to:

For questions regarding the application process, please contact the Centre of Administration by email at or by telephone at 1-855-212-7695.

Also, starting April 15, 2019, import documentation for live Koi carp imported from the U.S. for aquarium or outdoor holding unit end uses must be reviewed by the National Import Service Centre (NISC). Prior to arrival at the first port of entry, all relevant documentation must be submitted to the NISC.

Importers and brokers with questions about the new import documentation and/or processes should contact their local CFIA Area and District Offices.

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