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Importer Guidance for Aquatic Animal Health Import Quarantine Unit
2 Creation of a quarantine site diagram

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Quarantine site diagrams are required for all quarantine units unless otherwise stated by the CFIA. Site diagrams can be hand-drawn or computer-generated. It is recommended that a base diagram of the physical infrastructure is first created upon which the other elements can be superimposed (e.g. water flow, animal population, and traffic flow patterns) as it is recognized that these elements may change. Refer to Appendix A: Quarantine Site Diagram for an example diagram of each of the following three steps listed below.

  1. Add basic physical infrastructure

    Main components in a quarantine site diagram:

    • Quarantine unit or building encompassing the quarantine unit
    • Separate rooms in the quarantine unit (e.g. office, laboratory, and feed storage)
    • Water supply
    • Infrastructure (e.g. location of aeration towers, water treatment, shipping and receiving areas, and parking)
    • Aquatic animal holding area
    • Effluent water (e.g. settling ponds, septic tanks, and discharge location)
    • Water flow pattern
    • Restrictions of movement of people, animals, or vehicle traffic (e.g. gates and fences
  2. Superimpose water flow pattern
  3. Add aquatic animal locations
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