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Aquatic animal export: certification requirements for the United States

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Certification for export to USA of live finfish (salmonids) and their fertilized eggs, and dead uneviscerated salmonids and their offal

February 20, 2017 - The US Fish and Wildlife Service (US-FWS) has informed the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) of the certification requirements for future exports of live finfish (including salmonid species), germplasm or genetic material for culture, stocking and enhancement and research or dead uneviscerated salmonids or parts thereof (including offal) for any end use, from Canada to the US.

Effective immediately, following US Code of Federal Regulations, Title 50, §16.13, export certification must be provided by US-FWS approved private certifying officials using private laboratories (non-government) for all required diagnostic testing.

CFIA is no longer responsible for providing export certification or diagnostic testing services for exports of these commodities to the US.

Exporters are advised to contact private veterinarians or fish health professionals that may be interested in applying to the US-FWS for approval to become a Title 50 certifying official. Exporters should also contact private diagnostic labs in Canada that might be interested in conducting the diagnostic testing for export under the US Title 50 Regulations.

Private veterinarians and fish health professionals working with diagnostic labs interested in applying to become designated as a Title 50 Certifying Official should complete and submit the Title 50 Certifying Official forms (FWS Forms 3-2273 & 3-2274), available at, to the US-FWS.

Further, exporters should ask their US importers to contact their local US-FWS office with any questions or concerns.

Important Notes

There may be existing certificates or additional information from the Fish and Seafood program.

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