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Aquatic animal domestic movements

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA):

Whether a permit is required depends on the declarations of the reportable disease status of the provinces, territories, marine waters of Canada and the specific businesses (compartments) within Canada.

Each declaration lists the aquatic animal reportable disease to be controlled, as well as the following situations that require a permit:

Domestic movement permits

A CFIA movement permit is required if the declared aquatic animal or thing is moving from:

Commercial harvesters of wild molluscs will not be issued a permit to move susceptible species of molluscs out of an infected area for the purpose of depuration, relay (including salting up and short term container relaying), dry storage, wet storage or processing commercial. These movements are only allowed to occur within the infected area or to another infected area for the same diseases. Please note that all molluscs to be harvested for human consumption are subject to the Canadian Shellfish Sanitation Program.

A CFIA movement permit is not required if:

The movement permit is either issued to whoever is sending or to whoever is receiving the aquatic animals or things.

The CFIA movement permit contains conditions that control disease risks associated with the aquatic animal or thing to be shipped or received, and the water, ice, or other medium, materials, equipment and conveyances used during the shipment.

The CFIA is not currently charging a fee for issuing a movement permit. No fees will be charged for inspection and testing at this time. Fees for permit issuance, inspection and testing may be implemented in the future.

Application forms

The following application forms are available:

Prior to completing the application, the applicant should perform the following:

The completed application for a CFIA movement permit should be sent by email, facsimile or regular mail to the CFIA National Centre of Permissions. The relevant contact information is available on the application form.

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An aquatic animal business may choose to become a compartment recognized by the CFIA if it is:

Once recognized, the CFIA will declare the location of the aquatic animals or things as a free area, allowing movements from that facility without a CFIA movement permit.

The Application for Recognition as a Compartment Under the Domestic Movement Control Program (CFIA/ACIA 5748) is completed and sent to the CFIA National Centre of Permissions.

Information for the aquatic animal industry:

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