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Alternative Service Delivery Policy
8. Requirements

Initial Provisions, Consultation and Supporting Documentation:

8.1 Agriculture and Food Inspection Legal Services, the CFIA's Governance and Accountability Office, affected collective bargaining units, and Human Resources Branch– Labour Relations must all be consulted in the development of ASD arrangements.

8.2 ASD arrangements must be developed in consultation with affected stakeholders.

8.3 ASD arrangements must be supported by a robust business case and appropriate risk management approaches detailing the benefits and competitiveness of their program or service, as well as how potential program and corporate risks are addressed.

8.4 ASD arrangements must be supported by adequate documentation, reporting structures and data collection capacity, including performance metrics, to facilitate sound management, effective administration and information sharing between CFIA and external parties.

8.5 ASD arrangements must have established processes to resolve non-conformance and complaint and recourse issues.

8.6 ASD arrangements must support appropriate ministerial accountability and authority, including appropriate reporting requirements.

8.7 ASD arrangements must include procedures and strategies for cancellation and reinstatement of the arrangement.

8.8 ASD arrangements must be supported by an implementation plan.

Other Developmental and Ongoing Provisions:

8.9 The CFIA must maintain strategies to address continuity of service.

8.10 Subject to applicable legislation, the CFIA must disclose information regarding its ASD arrangements and the compliance of external parties with conditions specified in the ASD arrangement.

8.11 The CFIA must retain and maintain sufficient resources, as well as expertise and training capabilities, to effectively administer, oversee and evaluate ASD arrangements for the life of each arrangement.

8.12 ASD arrangements must be approved by the applicable Branch Vice-President of the CFIA, following the required ASD Development and Approval Process for ASD arrangements.

8.13 External parties must meet qualifying criteria and continue to be qualified to deliver CFIA programs and services based on clear, transparent criteria.

8.14 ASD arrangements must respect Canada's international responsibilities and obligations.

8.15 ASD arrangements must be overseen to verify compliance with conditions specified in the arrangement and, when applicable, in legislation.

8.16 ASD arrangements must be reviewed regularly, with periodic renewal, to measure their performance against performance indicators and updated as necessary to support program delivery objectives.

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