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Alternative Service Delivery Policy
7. Guiding Principles

The guiding principles for CFIA ASD arrangements are:

Maintain CFIA's Reputation

7.1 The CFIA's reputation, credibility and regulatory independence to take necessary actions to safeguard Canada's food supply, protect the environment and its plant and animal resource base, are maintained.

Merit-based Assessments

7.2 Decisions to establish ASD arrangements are based on individual assessments of their merit.

Effective use of Resources

7.3 ASD arrangements are developed and maintained in such a way as to efficiently and effectively use government and stakeholder resources.

Consistent with Government Legislation and Policies

7.4 ASD arrangements are consistent with CFIA and Government of Canada legislation and policies, including those for public sector values and ethics, conflict of interest, official languages, and human resources.

Maintain or Improve Accessibility to Services and Programs

7.5 ASD arrangements strive to provide the same or higher levels of accessibility to the delivery of services and programs for stakeholders as those previously delivered through government.


7.6 ASD arrangements are developed and maintained collaboratively, with an emphasis on effective communication, consultation and information sharing, between government and external parties.

Measureable Performance and Improvement

7.7 ASD arrangements have documented performance, accountability, training, data gathering/ sharing and monitoring regimes to promote knowledge exchange, continuous improvement and innovation.

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