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Share your thoughts: Seed regulatory modernization (excluding seed potatoes) – Winter 2024

Current status: Open

This consultation is open from February 8, 2024 to May 1, 2024.

About this consultation

The purpose of this consultation is to update stakeholders on progress made towards modernization of the Seeds Regulations since the 2023 winter consultation and update, and consider your feedback to inform decision-making. This consultation is the second of two informal consultations planned for seed regulatory modernization (SEED-RM) related to seed crops only, and therefore does not include updates or questions specific to seed potatoes or Part II of the Seeds Regulations.

How to participate

Share your ideas through our online survey. You have the choice to complete all or only certain sections relevant to you.

Who is the focus of this consultation

The CFIA is seeking comments from businesses and other organizations in the farming, seed and grain industries, as well as farmers, producers, seed growers, seed analysts, seed developers, seed conditioners, the general public and others who have an interest in the following aspects of the seed regulatory lifecycle:

There are no new updates since the Winter 2023 consultation on seed crop certification, or on harvesting, cleaning and conditioning of seed.

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