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What we heard report – Phase 1 consultation on Canada's proposed changes to grades and requirements for greenhouse cucumbers, greenhouse tomatoes and greenhouse mini cucumbers

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Phase 1 overview

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is proposing changes to grades and requirements for greenhouse cucumbers and greenhouse tomatoes and introduced a new standard for greenhouse mini cucumbers. The proposed changes aim to modernize and harmonize existing grade requirements relating to the quality of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Grades and requirements are outlined in the "Canadian Grade Compendium: Volume 2 – Fresh Fruit or Vegetables" and incorporated by reference into the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR), administered and enforced by the CFIA. The objective of the proposed changes is to reflect the following market needs:

In response to these market needs, the proposed changes include new size requirements, clarifications to terminology for defects and tolerances, and the introduction of new standards for certain commodities.

Phase 1 of the consultation was open for comments from October 29 to December 31, 2021. This report summarizes the feedback received and the next steps for finalizing new grade standards.

Who we heard from

The CFIA received feedback from 1 national industry association, 2 provincial industry associations, and 2 trading partners during the consultation period.

What we heard

Overall, respondents welcomed the opportunity to provide feedback and supported the proposed changes. Industry associations supported CFIA efforts to modernize and harmonize existing grade requirements. Comments relating to the transition and implementation of the proposed changes were also received. The following are highlights of what we heard:

Greenhouse cucumbers

Greenhouse tomatoes

Greenhouse mini cucumbers

Next steps

The CFIA is considering these comments in preparation for the publication of the final amendments to the grades and requirements for greenhouse cucumbers and greenhouse tomatoes. Before the final publication, the CFIA will:

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