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Consultative groups

Expert Advisory Committee

The Expert Advisory Committee provides the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) with objective professional and technical advice on key issues related to the CFIA's three business lines: food safety, animal health and plant health.

The committee could be engaged to:

The committee reports to the Agency through the CFIA's President and the Executive Vice President, who are the chair and vice-chair of the committee.

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The current membership of the Expert Advisory Committee is:

Marilyn Allen
Andrew Morse
Simone Rudge
René Lallier
Dr. Samuel K. Asiedu

Ministerial Advisory Board

The Ministerial Advisory Board (MAB) is established under Section 10 of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency Act.

The mandate of the Ministerial Advisory Board is to advise the Minister of Health on:

The Board will focus on discussing a variety of topics, including:

The Board will consider issues requested by the Minister, and the Minister may direct the Board to consider and provide advice on any issue consistent with the mandate of the Board.

The Board shall provide impartial and independent advisory services and make recommendations in support of the Board's mandate.

The Board may provide advice to the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food on issues relating to her authorities.

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The current membership of the Ministerial Advisory Board is:

Sector Engagement Tables

In 2021–22, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada will launch the Sector Engagement Tables (formerly the Value Chain Roundtables) to facilitate strategic industry–government collaboration on key issues facing the sector. The model includes:

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