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How to make a request under the Privacy Act

The Privacy Act gives any Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada the right to access personal information about them that is held by the federal government. The Privacy Act includes a description of what is considered personal information. This law also protects against unauthorized disclosure of personal information and strictly controls how the federal government will collect, use, store and dispose of any personal information.

Personal information available under the Privacy Act

Under the Privacy Act, you can request any personal information about you that is under the control of federal government institutions, including the CFIA.

Personal information means information about an individual that is recorded in any form and can include, but is not restricted to

To obtain any other information held in federal government records, you can make an access to information request.

The Privacy Act covers information that is held by the federal government. If you want information on the law that concerns personal information held by businesses, charitable groups and other non-government organizations, see the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.

Time required to respond to a personal information request

Federal government institutions, including the CFIA, have 30 calendar days to provide the information from the time the request is received.

One extension of an extra 30 days may be taken if

Making a personal information request

Using the ATIP Online Request service is a convenient way to get requests submitted more quickly and easily, while simplifying the application process. Apply online today to save time and postage.

Online Request


Your request must be made in writing. It must also include sufficient detail to allow staff to find and retrieve the information requested.

The "Personal Information Request Form", along with detailed instructions, is available on the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat's website.

You should send your requests to the following address:

Access to Information and Privacy Office
Integrity and Redress Secretariat
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
1400 Merivale Road, Tower 1, Room 0-149
Ottawa, ON K1A 0Y9

The CFIA's Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) Office manages personal information requests. You can contact the office

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