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My CFIA: Single profile

My CFIA: Single profile

Anna owns three pasta sauce establishments across Canada. She needs to apply for a licence under the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations.

[Text on screen: Halifax]

[Text on screen: Montreal]

[Text on screen: Vancouver]

[Three cities appear at street level view].

[A woman in a green shirt with brown hair (Anna) appears on the left with a tablet to the right]

[Text on screen: Licence]

[Text on screen: January 15, 2019]

To apply for a licence, Anna needs to sign up for one profile or multiple My CFIA profiles.

[Text on screen: one]

[Text on screen: multiple]

[An arrow next to the tablet points to the one profile option on the screen and then points to multiple profile option below it.]

Why would she want one profile?

[Text on screen: One]

[The text is in the middle of the screen and drops down off the screen. A horizontal rectangular My CFIA profile card appears on the left side of the scree with a picture of Anna.]

[The cities of Vancouver, Montreal and Halifax pop up above Anna's Pasta business My CFIA profile card, and a tablet appears on the right of the screen with My CFIA's Apply for a Licence page appearing on it.]

Single profiles are a good option for businesses that want to manage all interactions with CFIA through a head office. If she does this,

[Zooms in to Anna's My CFIA profile on the left. The city of Montreal is above the profile card and an employee from Montreal with yellow hair appears on the MyCFIA profile card. The three cities appear on the right.]

She can invite an employee to sign up as a party contact, allowing this person to make service requests for any of Anna's establishments.

[Text on screen: Services]

[Dotted lines move from the "services" tab under Anna's Montreal profile to each one of the three cities sequentially].

  • With a single profile, Anna can request one licence for each establishment or she can have one licence for her entire business, covering all three establishments.

[Text on screen: Licence]

[The licence tab appears beneath the services tab and the photo on the profile switches back to Anna. Dotted lines move from the profile card to each of the cities on the right of the screen. The three cities disappear and one jar of pasta sauce appears. A dotted line moves from the profile card to the pasta sauce jar.]

[Text on screen: Sign up today]

[End of video]

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