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My CFIA: Multiple profiles

My CFIA: Multiple profiles

[A headshot of Anna appears on the screen, followed by three cities]

[Text on screen: Vancouver; Montreal; Halifax]

Anna owns three pasta sauce establishments across Canada. She needs to apply for a licence under the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations.

[Text on screen: January 15, 2019]

[A headshot of Anna returns to the left of the screen and a laptop appears on the right with a licence application on the monitor]

[Text on screen: Licence]

To apply for a licence, Anna needs to sign up for one profile or multiple My CFIA profiles.

[A tablet appears in the middle of the screen with the licence application page open]

[Text on screen: Apply for a Licence]

[Arrows point to one profile and then to multiple profiles]

[Text on screen: one]

[Text on screen: multiple]

Why would Anna want multiple profiles?

[Text on screen: multiple]

Multiple profiles are a good option for businesses that have multiple establishments or divisions and want each one to interact with CFIA independently.

[Three cities appear side-by-side. A tablet appears underneath each one of them, displaying the "Apply for a Licence" page]

[Text on screen: Canadian Food Inspection Agency; Apply for a Licence]

  • If Anna sets up a profile for each establishment, she can assign local employees as party contacts for each profile, which means her employees will be able to view and submit service requests for their particular establishment, such as applying for a licence or an export certificate.

[Three cities appear, each with a MyCFIA profile underneath them and al ist of options]

[Text on screen: Vancouver; Montreal, Halifax; My CFIA profile; services; licence; export certificate

  • Only contacts associated with each profile will be able to see what that establishment is doing and make service requests—so Vancouver won't be able to see what Halifax is doing or request a licence for Montreal.

[A checkmark appears, and then two Xs.]

  • With multiple profiles, each establishment will apply for their own licence, but Anna won't be able to apply for one licence to cover her entire business.

[The three My CFIA Profiles with drop down service requests reappear]

[Text on screen” Vancouver; Montreal; Halifax; My CFIA profile, services, licence, export certificate]

[The word licence is highlighted in yellow. The drop down list of service requests disappears and dotted lines from all three profiles lead to one laptop with the licence application on the screen. A big X is over the monitor.]

  • A business owner or head office will still be able to access all the profiles and see its corporate structure.

[Anna's My CFIA Profile appears above the My CFIA profiles of her three assigned employees in the three different cities.]

[Text on screen: Anna's Pasta, My CFIA profile; Vancouver; Montreal; Halifax]

[Text on screen: Sign up today]

[End of video]

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