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My CFIA: Licensing considerations

My CFIA: Licensing considerations

[A full-length image of Anna appears on the left hand side of the screen, holding a jar of tomato pasta sauce. On the right there is a tablet displaying the My CFIA webpage.]

As the business owner, it is your responsibility to decide which options work best for your business when you sign up for My CFIA. When it comes to choosing between multiple profiles or one profile to cover an entire business, either approach works.

[Three My CFIA profiles appear. On the left there is a My CFIA profile from Vancouver, in the middle is a My CFIA profile for Montreal, and on the right there is a MY CFIA profile for Halifax.]

[The three profiles move to the bottom of the screen and one My CFIA profile with Anna on it appears above them, with dotted lines moving from Anna's profile to the three profiles below.]

Keep in mind:

[Three cities appear at the top of the screen with three laptops beneath them. Each laptop displays an envelope with form in it that says "Licence".]

  • CFIA recommends one licence per establishment -You can do this regardless of whether you have a single profile or multiple profiles.

[Anna's single profile appears on the left side of the screen. The three multiple profiles appear one above the other on the right hand side of the screen.]

  • You have to pay a fee for each licence you request.

[A large laptop appears in the middle of the scree with a "Licence" form on the laptop monitor. Dollar signs stream upwards in the background from behind the laptop.]

  • You have to prepare, maintain and implement a preventive control plan for each licence you hold.

[A tablet appears and displays the text "prepare", "maintain", "implement", and then "Preventive Control Plan" with sections underneath titled "Description of risk" and "Actions taken to control risk".]

[A truck with an image of a pasta sauce jar on it drives across the screen]

  • If you prepare food for export, you should have one licence per establishment to facilitate trade. Many trading partners require one licence per establishment.

[Three cities appear across the top of the screen. Dotted lines point to laptops beneath each one, with licence forms on the screen.]

[A globe is spinning in the middle of the screen in front of laptops in the background, each with the licence form open.]

  • When you sign up for My CFIA, make sure you have your Canada Revenue Agency business number on hand. You will also need to have completed a Proof of Authority form.

[A tablet appears with the My CFIA webpage on the screen. A Revenue Canada business card appears to the right of the tablet.]

[Text on screen: Manage CRA Businesses; CRA Business Number: 11111111BRP5647; CRA Legal Name: Anna's Pasta; Status: Active]

[A Proof of Authority form appears on the left of the tablet.]

[Text on screen: Sign up today.]

[End of video]

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