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Video - My CFIA: Your access to online services

My CFIA: Your access to online services? – Transcript/Captions

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency signature appears on a white screen.

The scene fades out and a spinning globe appears with different plant, animal and food related businesses establishments popping up around the globe.

The scene changes to milk cartons sliding on conveyer belts with a high-tech crane picking up one of the cartons.

Over the scene, a narrator speaks:

Using new processes and advanced technologies, you're constantly looking for new ways to improve your business. Here at the CFIA, we're committed to improving alongside you.

A computer appears with the My CFIA webpage on it, and a mouse arrow clicks on the webpage.

My CFIA is your online entry point to CFIA services. Sign up for, 24/7 access to convenient and secure online services; request licences, permits, export certificates, registrations and authorizations; manage and track service requests online


  • 24/7 Convenient and Secure Online Services
  • Request Licences, Permits, Export Certificates, Registrations and Authorizations
  • Manage and Track Service Requests

The scene changes to an animation of a car transporting a dog in the backseat at a border crossing.

Previous scene slides out of frame and an animation of a veterinary hospital appears.

The veterinary hospital slides out of frame and laboratory beakers appear next to computer with My CFIA webpage.

Whether you're an individual, a business, or working with a client as an alternative service provider – like veterinarians or laboratories – My CFIA lets you access the services you need from the Agency.

The My CFIA webpage fades out of the computer screen and is replaced by three conveyer belts slide into the scene.

One conveyor belt has chicken, one has milk cartons and one has carrots on it.

The scene then zooms out and shows the computer with the conveyor belts displayed, a high-tech crane, and a tablet.

As Canada's plant, animal and food industries continue to evolve, facing new opportunities, we're committed to providing the digital services you need.

Previous scene fades out, white screen appears with a My CFIA graphic, the Canadian Food inspection corporate signature and social media icons on the bottom right of the screen.

Enrol now to see how My CFIA could benefit you and stay connected with us.

Text: My CFIA

Black screen fades in with Canada wordmark.

End of Video

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