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Infographic - Get started with My CFIA

Infographic - Get started with My CFIA

Description of infographic - Get started with My CFIA

At the top of the infographic, there is a large text title stating: "Get started with My CFIA."

Under the title, there are 4 steps to get started, with the following text for each step:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose a secure sign-in option. The options are either to use your online banking username and password, or to register for a GC Key ID and password. There is subtext under the online banking option that reads, in italics: No personal or financial information is shared between My CFIA and your bank.
  3. Create a contact profile by providing your name and email.
  4. You can now request services for personal use (e.g. plant or animal import permit) or if you are requesting services for business use, continue to create a party profile.

After the 4 steps, there is a triangle pointing down to the next section.

The next section of the infographic has a title stating: "Create a Party Profile for Your Business."

Under the title, there is a box stating: "Decide how you want to request services with two bullets: using one profile or using multiple profiles.

Below the box, there are 4 steps, with the following text for each step:

  1. Make sure you have the information required. There is a dotted line pointing to a clipboard on the right of the page. The clipboard title reads: "Information Required" and lists two requirements outlined below.

    The first requirement is to provide a Business Number (BN). For sole proprietorship, corporation, or partnership, you will need your 9-digit BN issued by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). For validation purposes, the legal name entered in My CFIA must match the one associated with the BN.

    The second requirement is to provide a Proof of Authority Form (CFIA 5805) signed by the person identified in BN ownership information kept on file by CRA or on the proof of business document(s) submitted to the CFIA.)

  2. Enrol as a new party by creating a business profile (party profile).
  3. Invite other contacts, such as ASPs* or employees, to access the profile(s) for your business.
  4. You can now request services for business use.

There is text at the bottom of the section that reads: "For more information, consult the frequently asked questions or glossary at"

Below this, there is smaller text that reads: *Alternative Service Providers (ASPs), such as veterinarian or laboratory, must enrol as an ASP once you create your contact profile.

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