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Rates of pay

The following table includes links to the rates of pay for all occupational groups at the CFIA, including certain excluded and unrepresented employees.
Group Group title
AS Administrative Services Group
CO Commerce Group
CR Clerical and Regulatory Group
CS Computer Systems Administration Group
EG Engineering and Scientific Support Group
EN Engineering and Land Survey Group
ES Economics, Sociology and Statistics Group
EX Executive Group
FI Financial Management Group
GL EIM Electrical Installing and Maintaining Sub-Group
includes GL EIM (553) and GL EIM (574)
GL ELE Elemental Sub-Group Sub-Group
GL INM Instrument Maintaining Sub-Group
GL MAM Machinery Maintaining Sub-Group
GL MAN Manipulating Sub-Group
GL MDO Machine Driving-Operating Sub-Group
GL PIP Pipefitting Sub-Group
GS General Services
includes GS BUS (561), GS BUS (582), GS STS (565) and GS STS (586)
GT General Technical Group
HP Heating, Power and Stationary Plant Operation Group
IM Inspection Management Group
IS Information Services Group
OM Organization and Methods Group
PE Personnel Administration Group
PG Purchasing and Supply Group
PM Program Administration Group
SE-REM Research Manager Group
SE-RES Research Scientist Group
SI Social Science Support Group
SR Regulatory Science Group
Student Student Group
VM Veterinary Medicine Group
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