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Infographic - What to expect when you're inspected

Infographic - What to Expect When Inspected. Description Follows.
Description for infographic - What to Expect When Inspected

At the top of the infographic, there is a large text title stating: "What To Expect When You're Inspected"

To the right of the title is a clipboard with a male and female food inspector image on either side. In the clipboard it says:

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) inspects to:

  • verify compliance with regulations (for example, complaints)
  • investigate reported problems
  • respond to a request from industry (for example, to obtain an export certificate or import permit)
  • follow up on a previous inspection
  • investigate establishment or product contamination

The next section of the infographic has the heading, "Inspection Activities", with "Pre-Inspection" underneath.

In the Pre-inspection section, there are 4 steps, with the following text for each step:

  1. 1. your establishment may receive an inspection notice from the CFIA.
  2. 2. an inspector meets with you to outline the scope of the inspection. Any changes to your company profile and preventative control plan should be provided to the inspector at this time.
  3. 3. the inspector conducts an initial walk through, determining areas that may need to be addressed.
  4. 4. the inspector confirms the scope of the inspection based on the walk-through.

The next section of the infographic has the heading, "During Inspection". Underneath the heading are 3 more steps, continuing the flow of steps from the previous section. The steps include:

  1. 5. the inspector verifies if preventative controls are complete and effective through:
    • onsite observation
    • reviewing documents and records
    • interviews with staff
    • sampling and measurement
  2. 6. the inspector documents inspection observations using a tablet or mobile device.
  3. 7. the inspector determines if regulatory requirements are met and completes a report.

The next section of the infographic has the heading, "Post-inspection"; underneath the heading there are 3 final steps:

  1. 8. an inspector meets with you to discuss inspection results and your establishment receives the report
  2. 9. your establishment tales corrective actions for any non-compliant areas
  3. 10. the inspector schedules a follow-up inspection

Towards the bottom of the infographics, the following text is in bold:

To request permissions such as licences, permits, authorizations, registrations and export certificates online, visit

The last 3 lines on the infographic are footnotes which define 2 terms used in the infographic. The footnotes include:

A company profile introduces the business and outlines information about its operations such as, commodities produced or sold, addresses, contact information, and the legal name of the company.

A preventative control plan describes a system-based approach that focusses on prevention as a way to achieve compliance; it identifies hazards as well as demonstrates how to minimize them to an acceptable level and mitigate risks, with or without written documentation, depending on the applicable regulations.

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