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Alternative Service Delivery Policy
1. Background

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (the CFIA, or the Agency) is responsible for the delivery of federally mandated programs that contribute to the safety of Canada's food supply, the sustainability of the plant and animal resource base, and related consumer protection.

The Agency delivers programs and services but may also enter into alternative service delivery (ASD) arrangements to help deliver its mandate. ASD arrangements can be a useful mechanism for both industry and the CFIA, offering efficiencies and innovation in program design, flexibility, access to specialized expertise and cost-effectiveness.

In 2009, the CFIA's Government Accountability Office (GAO) became a centre of expertise for arrangements including those related to ASD, however a centralized review and approval process has been in place since 2003.

As processes for the establishment and oversight of ASD arrangements have varied over the years, this policy promotes a consistent approach for these arrangements within the Agency.

This policy is supported by a guidance document; additional directives or guidelines may also be developed by those with responsibilities related to this policy, as outlined in section nine of this document.

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