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Video - Inspection capacity

Inspection capacity – Transcript/Captions

Inspection capacity appears on a computer screen and an arrow clicks on it.

The video is starting.

We can see the following text with some blue trophies in the background.

Canada is recognized around the world as having one of the best regulatory systems for food, plants and animals.

For the words food, plants and animals we can see the three icons representing them.

We can see the following sentence with different illustrations moving around text.

Inspectors on the ground are an important element of this system, but they represent only part of the investments by the CFIA to protect Canadians.

The following sentence appears on its own and then the bullet appears one by one.

These investments include:

  • Maintaining modern regulations to reflect new threats and new technologies
  • Providing industry with the tools they need to meet safety outcomes
  • Monitoring and enforcing safety rules
  • Issuing permissions and licenses to industry when they meet our requirements
  • Investing in science and advancing science–based rules with trading partners

For the last sentence, we can see the words inspectors and Canada represented by icons and then we can read them.

The combination of these investments, including inspectors on the ground across the country, helps give Canada one of the best regulatory systems in the world.

We see the same computer as the one at the beginning and the following text can be read.

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End of Video

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