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2021 to 2022 CFIA full-time equivalents

In fiscal yearFootnote 1 2021 to 2022, the CFIA had 6,546 full-time equivalents (FTEs) dedicated to safeguarding food, animals and plants, which enhances the health and well-being of Canada's people, environment and economy.

Full-time equivalents

Full-time equivalents (FTE) is a standard financial measure used to capture the total paid hours of an organization's workforce over the course of a fiscal year.

1 full FTE is equal to 37.5 hours of work per week over 12 months (for example, the total work of 1 full-time employee, or the combined work of 2 half-time employees).

Using FTEs on an annual basis, rather than the fluctuating number of employees at a given period in time, more accurately depicts the CFIA's investment in inspection activities across the agency and throughout the year.

Several factors can influence year over year variances in the inspection FTEs, such as: service requirements; evolving priorities; risk and incident management; and workforce attrition.

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