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Food shipments refused entry into Canada

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) share responsibility for enforcing acts and regulations that govern the import, export and in-transit movement of food, agricultural inputs and agricultural products. The CFIA has the authority to refuse the entry of import shipments to Canada that are not compliant with Canadian requirements. This refusal is done prior to or on arrival at the Canadian border.

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Import roles and responsibilities

The CBSA is responsible for conducting certain inspections at airports and other Canadian border points. These include:

The CFIA conducts regular land border inspections, also known as border blitzes, to verify compliance of imported products. They are done at selected strategic land border crossings. The CFIA does these inspections in partnership with the CBSA.

The CFIA has a Border Lookout process which provides CBSA with commodity information for goods identified as having an increased risk. CBSA uses this information to manage imports that may pose a threat to Canada.

Importers are required to provide documentation to the CFIA for commodities regulated by the Agency. This documentation may include the following:

The CFIA's National Import Service Centre examines the submitted documents to determine if the regulatory requirements have been met for import commodities such as:

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