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Terms of reference for the Canadian Plant Health Council


The Plant and Animal Health Strategy for Canada (the Strategy) was collaboratively developed by partners including governments, industry, academia and others who play a role in plant and animal health and received endorsement by FPT Ministers of Agriculture during their 2017 annual conference. Since then, plant health partners have been preparing for implementation. The key first step is establishing separate implementation coordinating councils to lead implementation, as outlined in the Strategy, focused on plant and animal health, respectively.

To that end, the federal, provincial and territorial (FPT) Regulatory Assistant Deputy Minister (ADM) Committee tasked their officials to create a small multi-partner plant health task team to develop recommendations on the structure and function of the proposed plant health council. Saskatchewan's Regulatory and Innovation ADM, William Greuel, has served as the ADM champion of plant health and provided guidance and direction to the task team throughout their deliberations.

FPT government, industry and academic representatives were selected with the view to provide the widest range of plant health perspectives. The multi-partner task team worked collaboratively over several months to identify and assess options and deliver the Terms of Reference for the Canadian Plant Health Council to operate within.

Understanding that all plant health partners want to take action as soon as possible to improve integration of our collective efforts across the country, the Council will evaluate its operating parameters, prioritize two to three activities to deliver over a two year period, and revise this Terms of Reference to reflect the future needs of the Council.


The Canadian Plant Health Council will be focused on plant aspects of the Strategy. This includes plant pests (e.g., weeds, insects, pathogens), inputs to the plant health sector (e.g., seed, fertilizer) and pathways on the ability of pests (endemic or emerging) to establish and spread.

The sectors involved in various plant health implementation activities would include:


As a partnership-based council comprised of FPT governments, industry and academia, the council's mandate is to:

Roles and Responsibilities



The Council will be chaired by two members, taken from academia, one provincial agriculture ministry or one national plant health industry association and be responsible to:

FPT ADM Champion

Business of the Council

Core activities



The Council will consist of 11 members, enabling it to be nimble and lean while having sufficiently broad representation from the following partners:

Four (4) national industry associations

Three (3) provincial agriculture ministries

Three (3) federal departments

One (1) member of the Deans Council, Agriculture, Food and Veterinary Medicine

Please see Appendix 1 for a current membership list.

Selection of Members


Observers and Presenters

Meetings and Procedures of the Council

Council attendance


For the Council meeting to proceed, the Council has to meet quorum. Quorum is reached when 7 members or their alternates are represented, with a minimum of one representative from each of the national industry associations, the federal, provincial and territorial governments.

Meeting Frequency

Working Groups

Working groups may be created by the Council to address specific areas of work. When establishing these working groups, terms of reference and timelines for completion of work will be developed. To assure appropriate expertise, range of perspectives and knowledge is available, additional partners and stakeholders may be included.

Secretariat Support

Secretariat support will be provided jointly by federal and provincial governments from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture during the time that the province serves as ADM champion of plant health. The Secretariat will be responsible for:


Resources for the Council will be "in-kind" from participating members and partners


Appendix 1: Membership of the Canadian Plant Health Council

Council Members

Annette Anderson, Director, Agricultural Development, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

William Anderson, Executive Director, Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Chief Plant Health Officer of Canada

Ian Affleck, Vice-President, Plant Biotechnology, CropLife

Miles Beaudin, Director, Primary Agriculture, Manitoba Agriculture

Fouad Daayf, Professor of Plant Pathology, Head of the Department of Plant Science, University of Manitoba

Nathalie Durand, Executive Director, Crops and Horticulture Division, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

David Feindel, Director, Plant and Bee Health Surveillance Section, Alberta Agriculture & Forestry

Barry Ford, General Manager, Canada Wood

Anthony Hopkin, Director, Entomology and Phytosanitary Research, Pacific Forestry Centre, Canadian Forest Service, Natural Resources Canada

Rebecca Lee, Executive Director, Canadian Horticultural Council

Krista Thomas, Director of Plant Innovation, Canada Grains Council

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