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A Plant and Animal Health Strategy for Canada
Appendix 2: How the Strategy was Developed and Related Strategies

The Plant and Animal Health Strategy is one of the deliverables under the Emergency Management Framework for Agriculture in Canada that was endorsed by federal, provincial, and territorial (FPT) ministers of agriculture in July 2016. FPT ministers called for partners to jointly develop the Strategy to achieve an integrated approach to the prevention and mitigation of risks to Canada's plant and animal resources. The Strategy and its associated activities and implementation plan aim to build upon ongoing work in some areas and to identify new activities to carry out.

The Strategy is founded on a co-creation approach involving partners and stakeholders, with input collected through a series of consultations and engagements, including:

In developing the Plant and Animal Health Strategy, and throughout its implementation, partners aim to take into account and leverage the ongoing work under related frameworks and strategies, with a view to maximizing the complementarity of efforts under the Strategy with this ongoing work, and minimizing duplication and overlap. The following table provides a list of frameworks and strategies currently in place or under development; however, it may not be an exhaustive list.

Other Frameworks and Strategies to Consider during Strategy Development and Implementation

Framework or Strategy

Emergency Management Framework for Agriculture in Canada
Federal, Provincial, and Territorial Emergency Management Framework Task Team

Livestock Market Interruption Strategy (LMIS): Final Report - PDF (2,692 kb)
Livestock Market Interruption Strategy Steering Committee

National Farmed Animal Health and Welfare Strategy - PDF (2,769 kb)
Council of Chief Veterinary Officers / Farmed Animal Industry Joint Working Group

Farmed Animal Health & Welfare 2020 - PDF (2,388 kb)
National Farmed Animal Health and Welfare Council

An Invasive Alien Species Strategy for Canada - PDF (582 kb)
Federal and provincial governments

Federal-Provincial-Territorial IAS Task Force recommendations to support continued implementation progress
February 2016

Antimicrobial Resistance and Use in Canada: A Federal Framework for Action
Government of Canada

National Forest Pest Strategy (NFPS)
Canadian Council of Forest Ministers

Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change - PDF (2,047 kb)
Climate Action Network Canada

Healthy Animals | Healthy Future 2025 - PDF (12,361 kb)
Fore-CAN: Foresight for Canadian Animal Health

Canadian Animal Health Surveillance System
National Farmed Animal Health and Welfare Council

North American Plant Protection Organization Strategic Plan 2016-2020
North American Plant Protection Organization

Plant Pest Response Project - PDF (2,264 kb)
Potato and Greenhouse Working Groups, Canadian Horticultural Council

British Columbia Plant Health Strategy for Agriculture - PDF (2,178 kb)
Plant Health Unit, Plant and Animal Health Branch, Ministry of Agriculture

Invasive Plant Strategy for British Columbia
Invasive Plant Council of British Columbia

Ontario Invasive Species Strategic Plan
Government of Ontario

Ontario's Climate Change Strategy
Government of Ontario

Industry government Advisory Committee (IGAC) on National Agriculture and Food Traceability System (NAFTS) - PDF (38 kb)
Government of Canada

IPPC Strategic Framework for 2020 - 2030
International Plant Protection Convention

The Sixth Strategic Plan (2016 - 2020)
World Organisation for Animal Health

One Health Initiative

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Science and Technology Branch Sector Science Strategies
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Seizing Canada's Moment: Moving Forward in Science, Technology and Innovation 2014
Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

Perimeter Security and Economic Competitiveness Action Plan - PDF (3,427 kb)
Canada-United States Regulatory Cooperation Council

Wildlife Health Strategy (under development; title to be confirmed)
Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative

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