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A Plant and Animal Health Strategy for Canada
Appendix 4: Overview of Implementation Coordinating Councils

Purpose and mandate

Two implementation coordinating councils will be established to provide ongoing leadership and oversight for the Plant and Animal Health Strategy's implementation and continuous evolution. One implementation coordinating council will focus on plant aspects of the Strategy and the other on animal aspects.

The implementation coordinating councils will provide advice and recommendations on the implementation of the Strategy and any needed adjustments and improvements required, to the federal, provincial, and territorial regulatory assistant deputy ministers, federal departments, provinces and territories, and industry and non-government stakeholders.


Promote mutual understanding and respect among partners of their diverse needs, interests, and capacities with respect to safeguarding plant and animal health.

Build and maintain constructive relationships among partners that focus on continuous improvement of Canada's Plant and Animal Health System and on working collaboratively towards the Strategy's vision.

Build upon and coordinate partners' activities to achieve a cohesive implementation with minimal overlaps and gaps, to maximize overall results of the Plant and Animal Health System and optimize the use of partners' resources.

Representation of Partners and Involvement of Stakeholders

Membership of the implementation coordinating councils should include representatives from federal and provincial governments, industry, and academia, and may include other non-government partners.

Mutual responsibilities of the two implementation coordinating councils include:

  • Collaborating with the other implementation coordinating council to share information and lessons learned, and, as needed, prepare joint performance reports or briefings on the Strategy for federal, provincial, and territorial ministers of agriculture, federal, provincial, and territorial regulatory assistant deputy ministers, and partners.

Responsibilities of each implementation coordinating council should include:

  • Building relationships and facilitating ongoing communication, consultation, constructive dialogue and collaboration among partners, including:
    • establishing procedures and interactions that give all partners a voice
    • facilitating information sharing and transparency among partners
    • promoting commitment to the shared vision, objectives and guiding principles of the Strategy
    • advancing discussions among all partners on the concept of shared accountability under the Strategy
  • Coordinating and monitoring partners' implementation of activities under the Strategy, including:
    • taking stock of partners' existing activities and initiatives and analyzing overlaps and potential gaps that weaken the Plant and Animal Health System
    • facilitating agreement on roles, resources and responsibility sharing for individual activities or initiatives under the Strategy
    • facilitating joint planning and priority-setting, through periodic all-partner forums
    • facilitating adjustments to plans and priorities to continuously improve and evolve in step with changing risks, needs, and capacities of partners
    • establishing processes and tools to support coordination of partners
    • establishing working groups of partners as and when required to advance the implementation of activities
  • Coordinating partners' performance reporting, including:
    • developing mechanisms for and establishing partner commitment to regular progress reporting, against targets (where relevant)
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