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Share your thoughts: Proposed changes to the Canadian Grade Compendium: Volume 2 – Fresh Fruit or Vegetables

Current status: Open

Open from October 29, 2021 to December 31, 2023

Proposed changes to grade standards for certain groups of fresh fruit or vegetables (FFV) are in development and will be posted for comment in future phases of this consultation. Notifications will be sent when each phase is launched.

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The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is proposing, at the request of the fresh fruit and vegetable (FFV) industry, to modernize and harmonize existing grade requirements relating to the quality of FFV and to introduce new grade standards for certain commodities.

This consultation is being conducted in phases, each phase open for 60 days, to solicit comments from stakeholders regarding proposed changes to the grades and requirements for FFV.

Existing grades and requirements are outlined in the "Canadian Grade Compendium: Volume 2 – Fresh Fruit or Vegetables" incorporated by reference into the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR), administered and enforced by the CFIA. The objective of the proposed changes is to reflect the following market needs:

In response to these market needs, the proposed changes include new size requirements, clarifications to terminology for defects and tolerances, and the introduction of new standards for certain commodities.

Join in: how to participate

A phased approach

This consultation will take place in phases based on the following considerations:

Each phase will focus on a group of commodities, will be posted online and will be open for a two-month consultation period. A notification will be sent when each phase is open for comment.

Tip: When reviewing the proposed changes, open the current version of the Canadian Grade Compendium: Volume 2 – Fresh Fruit or Vegetables in a separate window, to facilitate a comparison.

Who is the focus of this consultation

The CFIA is seeking comments from:

Key themes for discussion

You are invited to share your ideas and input with regards to proposed changes to FFV grades and requirements, focusing on the following key themes:

Please refer to the Overview of the proposed changes to the Canadian Grade Compendium: Volume 2 – Fresh Fruit or Vegetables before you participate.

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What we are hearing

What we heard report – Phase 1 consultation on Canada's proposed changes to grades and requirements for greenhouse cucumbers, greenhouse tomatoes and greenhouse mini cucumbers

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The CFIA welcomes comments from its stakeholders on the proposed changes to the Canadian Grade Compendium: Volume 2 – Fresh Fruit or Vegetables.

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