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What We Heard Report – Consultation on the proposed amendments to Canada's beer standards of identity


The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is proceeding to amend the beer standards under the Food and Drug Regulations and has published a Notice of Intent to validate stakeholder's positions, reflect existing industry needs and communicate to stakeholders the most current policy direction. The purpose of the amendment is to better reflect marketplace realities and industry innovation in brewing while maintaining the integrity of beer.

This report summarizes the comments received as a result of the publication in the Canada Gazette Part I of the Notice of Intent to modernize the beer standards of composition. The views expressed herein are those of the participants and do not necessarily reflect those of the CFIA or the Government of Canada.

Consultation overview

Who we heard from

A total of 161 submissions were received by e-mails during the comment period, with the following breakdown:

One comment was received through the WTO notification process.

What we heard

The comments received are summarized below with some general comments added. The answers submitted as part of the economic survey have been analyzed to inform the associated costs and benefits to the beer industry.

Many elements of the proposed revisions to the beer standards of identity received support from the majority of respondents. The rationale respondents provided for this support was that a modernised single standard would remove duplication, provide clarity and simplicity, and would allow industry to be more innovative in product development while maintaining the integrity of beer.

Elements well supported

Elements with mixed reactions

Next steps

We would like to thank everyone who contributed their time, shared their views and participated in the consultation process. The feedback received will be considered by the CFIA as it works to amend the beer standards.

We anticipate pre-publishing the proposed modernized beer standard, along with Health Canada, in the Canada Gazette Part I, in Spring 2018.

Once the proposed regulations are published in the Canada Gazette Part I, interested parties will again have an opportunity to submit comments.

Additional information

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