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Request a Permission

Before You Start

You must be logged into My CFIA.

You must already be enrolled as a contact and connected with the party for which you are requesting the permission. For information about enrolling as a contact and connecting to a party, see Get Started.

The Service Request tab has these primary features:

  1. Initiate a New Service Request: This is one of the most commonly used self-serve features. You will use this feature to request permissions and export certificates through My CFIA.
  2. Search Service Requests: You can search for existing service requests using specific request information
  3. Showing Service Requests: This table displays all service requests related to the current party.

Screen capture of the My CFIA dashboard with New Service Request button and the Search Service Requests link circled and the Service Requests table circled.

Step 1: Start a New Request

Ensure the correct party is displayed in the Party Administration field. Select Submit then select the New Service Request link.

For information about selecting another party profile, see Manage My Account.

Screen capture of the My CFIA dashboard with Party Administration field circled and New Service Request button circled

Step 2: Confirm Application Details

To proceed, select the Application Type from the drop-down menu. This is a required field.

Then select the Next Step button. The steps that follow explain the application process for requesting a permission.


For export applications, refer to the Request an Export Certificate steps.

Screen capture of the Confirm Application Details page with the Application Type field circled

Step 3: Determination of Application Form

To determine the correct application form for your service request, you will need to provide information about your business.

Select items from the drop-down menus and complete the required fields on the Select to Determine Application Form page.

Select the Next Step button.

Screen capture of the Permission Application – Select to Determine Application Form page. Description follows.

Description of screen capture - Application – Select to Determine Application Form

Step 4: Application Form Required

Based on the information you provided on the previous screen, the application form selected for you is shown as a link on this screen.

Select the Application Form link.


If you cannot find the downloaded form, check the Downloads folder on your computer.

Screen capture of the Permission Application – Application Form Required with Application for Registration of an Establishment (Form 3043) circled

Read the privacy notice statement and if you require any help, consult the information provided on the page.

Step 5: Download the Application Form

Select the Download link to download your form. Then print, complete, sign and scan the form. You must save the scanned form in PDF, PNG, or JPG format.

Screen capture of the Privacy Notice Statement screen with Download link circled

From the Application Form Required page, you have the following options:

  1. Select Next Step: This will open the Upload Application Form view. You will remain in session. Once you have a completed, signed and scanned a copy of the form, continue with step 6.
  2. Select Back: This will allow you to return you to the previous screen.
  3. Select Save and Return Later: When you log back into My CFIA, you can open this request from the dashboard. Use the Next Step buttons to navigate to the Upload Application Form page then proceed with step 6.
  4. Select Cancel: This deletes the application.

Screen capture of the Permission Application – Upload Application Form with Upload document button circled, Next Step button circled, Back button circled, Save and Return Later button circled and Cancel button circled

Step 6: Upload Supporting Documents

Upload the completed, signed application form.

For information about uploading documents, see Get Started.

When you are finished uploading your document, select Next Step.

Step 7: Select Location of Regulated Activity

Select the location of your regulated activity. Then identify the first date available for inspection by selecting the calendar icon in the First Day Available for Inspection field.

Select the Next Step button.


If the establishment does not appear in the dropdown list, you may select the Save and Return Later button and go back to add the address(es) of the required establishment.

You may select the Add Custom Location to add the details of a location (i.e. if you are importing goods and making your shipment to a one-time location). For more information, see Manage My Account.

Screen capture of the Permission Application – Select Location of Regulated Activity screen. Description follows.

Description of screen capture – Permission Application

Step 8: Review and Submit

Review the information on this summary. If all the information is complete and accurate, select the Submit button. If any of the information requires corrections, select the Back button to return to the screen and correct the information.

When your application is submitted, you will see the Application Submitted page.


Permission applications may take up to 10 business days to process once all requirements are met. As the Profile Manager, you are responsible for ensuring that the application is complete. Incomplete applications will be returned to you for action and may require re-submission. If the permission requires an inspection or other requirements, you will receive this information from the CFIA.

If you would like to modify, amend or renew an application, please proceed to the View Permission Application section within your dashboard.

Once your request has been reviewed by the CFIA and the payment amount has been determined, you will be notified in the manner you have chosen. To set up a payment account, log into My CFIA to download, complete and submit a credit application.

Modifying a Draft Export Certificate Application

Before selecting the Submit button on an export certificate application, you can return to the application to make modifications at any time.

On your dashboard, locate and select the draft application you wish to modify. Make the required changes. Select the Submit button on the final screen to submit the application.

Screen capture of the dashboard with the Service Requests table circled. Description follows.

Description of screen capture – Dashboard screen

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